First Term, First Core Course: Lasallian Business Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

May 2017 is my first term as MBA student, as expected this will be challenging but worth it to gain additional knowledge in reputable and good school, De Lasalle University. I am now taking the Lasallian Business Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility as part of core course in MBA and during the orientation I was excited to do all the activities that was discussed especially the service learning, it’s all about serving others in a simple way.

To share a few about the background what really this course is all about, we discussed about what it means to be part of a Lasallian Catholic Social Teachings as a Business Leader.  I’ve learned that as Lasallian professionals we must be technically competent, humanistic, and socially responsible and sustainability oriented business managers and leaders. Technically competent can able to do task with enough knowledge or skills to accomplish a particular task for successful business, but to make sure that a business leader can perform well we must be humanistic, we change the way we think that a business is just to earn profit but rather we are also responsible to take care for the people and environment. We must be socially responsible, that even if our business gain profit it must balance with the benefit of the society, the stakeholder or people in the organization. And, as business leader I have learned that we must always be concern in environmental and social as a sustainability management in ethical manners.

As part of the course, I have mentioned that we have a service learning activity, it encourage the students to be part of the community wherein we can actually see real life situations or conditions in different groups or societies.  This course will not take place only in the four corner of the classroom but it extends our knowledge and skills by participating in activity through service experience. I believe that we have seen our country with so many issues and problems especially in poverty but we could only see it more deeply if we engage ourselves and  be involved the way they live.

As an MBA students, we came from different organizations and all organizations should have a corporate social responsibility. We are asked to know what the different CSR of our organizations. To further discuss what corporate social responsibility is,it is simply means that the company is responsible for environmental and social wellbeing. I have done some research about my company’s corporate social responsibility and I found out that it really promote the wellbeing of stakeholders and create values in everything it does. Some of the CSR of our company are empowering Filipinos through education, protecting environment and commitment to philanthropic initiatives by giving and donating to different charities and communities. Our company also involve in infrastructure development and social development. Knowing the CSR of our company, I am also pleased to propose and contribute to the development of environmental and social wellbeing in our company. Hopefully by the end of the term I will be able to think and share my idea and contribute to CSR of our company.

By the end of the term, since this is more about being ethical and care for others. I would apply what I have learned in this course for my business and in real world and will be able to serve others. As well as do corporate social responsibility. I will enjoy this course as the start of my journey in MBA for this is the first course I have taken.  Again, as an effective business leader I will practice and promote the sustainability of business for the benefit of the environment and society.




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