Business Ethics is Good Business

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As a good business leader we have to follow some business ethics. As saying “Good Ethics is Good Business”. Others might say that having ethics in business is contradicting because the questions is, do we really follow ethics over profit or, as business we choose profit over ethics?

In general we describe “ethics” as what is good and bad, and having a moral standards that we learned from our childhood. We act differently towards other people depends on our beliefs. In business we follow business ethics, and as MBA student and business leader we must observe ethical behavior, we may start in the organization where we work, I believe it is a practice in order to be a good business leader. Asking myself, how ethical I am in the company?, I would not deny that there are circumstances that I do some unethical practice, and even if it is small things it is always considered as an unethical manner, and I realized we should start being ethical from ourselves because business activities should follow standard of ethics. Like what the golden rule say, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Ever since I believe with this saying, I always treat others the way I want them to treat me. In every action I do there will be consequences in the future that would correspond to my actions, so I choose to do right thing base on my standard of morals and avoid to do wrongdoing to others but of course as human I don’t say I never made a mistake, like what I said I’ve done small things that against in the policy of the company.

I believe that business ethics is important in any business, we follow and practice business policies based on corporate standard. It is one view for the success of the business. I believe social responsibility is part of business ethics and it would benefit the organization, even the big companies they continue doing good for others and it is the way to gain trust from the people. Customers started to believe in the company when they follow business ethics and have seen that business don’t just focus on profit.

One of the business ethics I’m interested in, during the class is the key principles or framework about the ethics of an act. At some point we response depends on the situation, but if we really think what’s really the best to act is depends on what we believe. These are the different approach in different situation, it could be utilitarian, rights and duties, justice and fairness, ethics of care and virtue ethics. To briefly discuss the different approach, utilitarian simply means greatest good for the greatest number, that we can determine the rightness or wrongness by looking at the consequences of the action. Another one is rights and duties means, that if this is my duty I am responsible to act and obey the obligation regardless the consequences are best for me or not but still we have moral rights to be respected, for justice and fairness means individuals should be treated equally in ethical decisions,  then ethics is moral act to people close to us, and lastly virtue ethics as human being it is a full development of our humanity that we naturally do morally, and I have learned that virtue ethic is what I make myself a better person

Learning the business ethics, I realized that I should always act the best standard of ethics. I also learned that in business we have to view different beliefs of different people.  I should start in myself to choose rightness over wrongness. And as an employee every action that I do in the company has a consequence and even small things of doing unethical is still unethical in business, it prepared me as an individual in entering and engaging in managing a business and people in the future. I have learned that business ethics is important part of the business to be successful in the long run.





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