The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing


In producing a new product in the market, we have to consider our consumers and the welfare of others, at the same time how it will affect the environment and everything that surrounds us. As human we have to be aware about the effect of the products introduces in the market, and consumer product safety must always be observed in manufacturing a new or existing products.

A business is producing a product that is safe for the consumer demand, and  has to be protected from injury or any loss. A free market needs to deal with safety, risk and value issues. Of course, I believe that sometimes the business or the product itself has given all the information or how to be safe using the specific product but the question is, how well informed the consumer in consuming and using it, but sometimes producers cannot protect the consumers by their ignorance, so we cannot classify who to blame. In any case a consumer has a duty to protect their own interest in buying a product while producer has their duty to protect and keep their consumer interest, so both party should know their own responsibilities.

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It’s very important that in every business a contract disclose everything about the product or services. For me, if in case a problem may occur everything is indicated in the product, on what the consumer should do and there is full knowledge in terms of agreement for both parties.

I have learned that there’s no product that is totally risk free, but knowing that there’s no 100% risk free we have to know up to what level  is acceptable in which the seller is accountable of presenting the risk of the product.  For example as a buyer of make-up product I read first about the content of the item, since every product has its own indication on what type of ingredient or chemical is mixed  which my skin may be irritated if not properly use, I also consulted others regarding the side effects of the product to be aware and realized that as a consumer I am also responsible for using it.

Another thing that a producer has to be aware is making unintentional false advertisement, with such reason of fearing that consumers may not buy the newly introduced product which made me realize that consumers has its own fear. For example, if the seller told that this was the last item inside the store, we may be impulsive to buy the product because of such reason that we won’t find another product or price they offer to other store. I realized this is one of the marketing strategy , that somehow, it’s a form of compelling the buyer.

After product safety, we have to introduce in the market the product, and we market it in different ways, there’s a saying,” good or bad publicity or advertisement still publicity”, and that might affect the consumers in deciding of buying a product, and this is the time that people talked about the advertisement that increases their sales. Advertising is simply use to sell the product in prospective buyer. In introducing a new or existing product advertising is also a way of market communication, for me technically it is effective to advertise a product as long as it is not misleading the consumers in buying it.

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During the discussion, most of the examples in the advertising/ or billboards is really unethical, at some point we have to consider the people and the audience, and  I’m just curious why particular management approved indecent commercials, billboard, magazine and any other materials for marketing and advertisement, and I always find it unethical.



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