Brian’s Franchise Case Study

Brian’s Franchise was the first case study that we discussed for CSR, the topic was a bit serious because it is about the business of “marijuana” by breeding and raising indoors, in which we all know, it is prohibited  by the government here in the Philippines and other part of the world.

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To give a brief summary regarding the case, the marijuana gains a big percentage of an income in agriculture in US compare to corn and soybeans. Brian dropped from college to continue breeding the marijuana indoors but the government eradicate the widespread production of marijuana, but it didn’t stop the farmer from producing it and Brian used advanced technology to continue his operation in Amsterdam that was operated completely by a computer and can be monitored from distance.

The first group presented the problem, “what should Brian do to continue its marijuana operation while making it a legitimate business, and what other career can Brian do to make a living? and the group presented and recommended was to explore business partnership opportunities for state in the US where medical marijuana is legal.

But the class analyzed the statement of the problem that based on the case, it doesn’t fully answer and support the possibility of legalizing the marijuana, by looking at the timeframe of the case it will never be legal and use for medical purpose, and at the same time, the group didn’t discuss and consider the other career that Brian can still do to make for a living if he stops producing marijuana. There’s no other areas of consideration that the group presented related to change of career. The group was hesitant to recommend to use Brian’s knowledge in farming other products, because they thought that not finishing his college degree, won’t be able to find other opportunity for good career, but for me, some successful personality like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and even Mark Zuckerberg were all dropped out in college but now successful. It’s true that education is important factor for us to be successful in our career but Brian had experienced and knowledge in farming. He can shift his skills in farming by producing different kind of product in agriculture.

Another concern in the case is by intervening by the government in the market, I agree that the government has to intervene in order to control and eradicate the production of marijuana, to protect the people and consumers because using it without control has a negative effect and impact not only for the user but also in the society. Relating in our government, most people use marijuana as cigarette or for fun or to satisfy themselves and  it is totally prohibited and the government will not think twice but will arrest the accused. Just in case the marijuana will be legalized all over the world I suggest that proper provision and supervision must be implemented because this has always a negative effect if in case of excessive use of it. I’m afraid that if the person has been addicted consuming it, they cannot control or handle themselves that can cause death or crime.

I believe that the case may resolve in different point of view, but I have to consider the ethics of the business. As I have observed the presentation, since they are the first group, I realized that we really have to consider the ethical response in giving the recommendation in the case and look at the timeline of the problem, being ethical in the business must properly and always be observed, because being legal doesn’t mean being ethical, and sometimes the government has to intervene in the market to protect the people.




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