Service Learning-Planning and Organizing


Service Learning is part of our activity in Corporate Social Responsibility we have to choose a community wherein we will develop our sense of caring for others. Our group chooses between conducting a program regarding dengue prevention and clean up drive or help the organization by teaching homeless children. We went to both community and observed in terms of the program and activities that we can contribute. The group decided to choose the JK12 Doulos for Christ for the homeless children or out school kids and member of the church.   We came up with this decision because among those two community this will give more impact or influence to the children. The group already made the proposal on our first visit and on the second visit we were able to do our plans and objectives for the service learning. The group agreed in terms of the chosen organization and the time schedule.

As we coordinate in the organization, they introduced to us that JK12 Doulos for Christ is really to develop children and should be raised up in the fear and knowledge of God and His Word by cultivating leaders. Our group will assist the fellowship and teachings for Saturday and Sunday class, but other than teaching the children, we decided to gather books specifically Christian books and storybooks, in addition, the group will be the one to go to the place of out of school kids and encourage them to attend regularly to the learning sessions because other kids are not interested anymore for the reasons that they are busy, their parents don’t allow them or limited volunteers to do the “bahay bahay” that will encourage them, and so we decided to join them as part our objective in community service. I am excited to see their home, because based on our interview to other volunteers, the kids live in a depressed area are really lack of comfort in life, I would like to see how to help them more other than teaching. Also, as part of our service is “book drive”, this is something that we can contribute to them for the long term that can be used every session. These books will empower and encourage to read and write.

asdfgh.jpgAs per discussion of the group we really wanted to address literacy and develop their characters and values. And at the same time in line with the vision of the organization is to secure the future generation and take care of the younger ones because they will be the future leaders of our society.

Our group will do the service on Jul 8 and 9 and I am excited to attend this kind of activity again, since I have attended and joined several community service in the NGO , I am always interested to listen to their different stories and know more about their lives. The last charity that I did was feeding and giving school supplies for children of helper and vendor in  Quezon and I am very touched as they are thankful enough saying, “thank you po sa blessing”. And I’m so blessed that I was able to share my blessings for others. And now, this year I will be able to share again my blessings not just a material things but also my knowledge and the teachings of the Lord God.

For our service learning that we will conduct hopefully our group will be able to inspire the homeless children and will promote proper education even just for a short-term. I believe that these kids are in great need of help to be able to sustain their desire to learn.



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