Ethics of Job Discrimination

Discrimination is still a topic and issue in the any part of world even in the Philippines, as to define it,  it is unjust or biased treatment of people, and based on the discussion in CSR it is a negative sense to refer to differentiation not based on individual merit but rather on prejudice or some other negative attribution. For me, discrimination is happening everywhere, in school, church even in work and I don’t think it is fair to judge a person based on categorically rather than individually. Like for example, people are usually underestimating the capabilities of those who are not in high social status. Our thinking is to overestimating the elite because we believe that they are the only one who can contribute in our society.

One of the topic in CSR is job or employment discrimination, it is a prejudice leading to a harmful or negative impact on the interest of employees. It discriminates about religion, gender, age, origin and identity of employees. And I think to discriminate a person is wrong because it violates the person’s moral rights and everyone should be treated equal.

In some company, there are some qualifications that they are looking for to an applicant which I could say, that it should not be the basis but rather the capabilities and competencies of an employee. I realized, during the discussion that most of the companies  are looking for the qualified employees based on their schools where they graduated, but some of the top students were not just from the good universities and colleges, so everyone must be given an equal opportunity and don’t limit the people’s opportunity. Practices of discrimination in a company is really unethical.

To share some of my experienced in job discrimination was where one of the departments are looking to an employee based on their physical appearance in which it is very questionable, I was shock knowing that there are still management who is actually tolerate this kind of discrimination in the company. I believe that a person’s contribution in the company will not be based in physical appearance especially if intelligence, expertise and knowledge are what’s important in the position. Another experience I would like to share is when I asked my roommate about their company where I could possibly apply for a job but she said that a company is only looking for “Christian or born again” employees, and my reaction was, really? Is religion of an individual really matters in your company? I was thinking that even my religion is different from them I can still work and be part of their organization. Another story of my friend, that even in a design or construction companies in the field of architecture and engineering, discrimination in gender is a common problem in a way that male gender is a requirement for some companies most especially in Middle East. Base on my examples, discrimination in work are extensive and uncontrollable in every organization. Another form of job discrimination is sexual harassment, this is an act of unwanted act of sexual to other employees and it is intimidating and offensive in working environment.  Any act of physical or verbal is a form of sexual harassment and as woman I won’t allow anyone else to do that action even if the involve person is my boss or in the higher position.

I have learned that everyone in the company must be treated fairly, regardless of age, gender, religion and race. I’ve seen that discrimination affects the performance of an individual because it limits the opportunities, also discrimination in workplace causes stress and anxiety that may affect the mental and physical conditions of a group or individual who experience such act.




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