CSR Service Learning

It is always one of my goals to reach out others and volunteer in any organizations and community. This service learning have given me an opportunity to be part again of the people who need help and want to feel that they are part of the society.

After the planning for our service learning, July 8, 2017 is the first day of our actual community service. One of the agenda for the day is to visit the children in Pureza which is a depressed area and see how they are, before we go to the location, I was excited to meet the people in the community and talk to them about their lives.

I’ve seen the way each family live and what they normally do for a living. Even though they live in a depressed area, I have seen simple life with them and they are still satisfied of what they have especially the children. While waiting for the service car of the children going to the center where the program will be held. The children were playing and running everywhere but that is the simple happiness in their heart. I remembered when I was young playing in the streets and just enjoy without thinking any problem, but that was a long time ago. We also had an interview with the children and their parents, I asked one of the parents why they want their children to join in J12 Doulos, and she said her daughter can able to do other activities instead of staying at home.

Another agenda was to bring the books that we have collected from donations from different good people. The books will be used by the kids for learning session every Sunday. We decided to have book drive so that even if our service learning is only 6 hours, we can give something to them that they can use for the long term. I asked 2 of the kids if they are happy with the books we have donated, they said, yes! And very excited to read especially the storybooks. That is a simple gift but the joy and happiness in their eyes is really unforgettable. They appreciate everything they receive in life.


Last agenda for the day was assisting the J12 Duolos for their activities in fellowship. The children were so active in participating throughout the activities. In the program the kids were introduced in the life of God, that one thing that really interest me in the organization because for them to be able to believe that there’s hope in life, we should always have relationship with God.2

On our second day of activity, we helped the J12 doulos volunteers for learning session. The toddlers were separated from graders. I’m so happy to be part of the learning session because it get me closer to one one my dreams and that is to teach someday.


I have realized how to appreciate simple things in life. Everything we have is a blessing from God. Like in the topic from the fellowship, we must accept the fruit of life, and everything we have in life is important most especially when we shared. I’ve seen the eagerness of the children to participate in the program and know more about God. I am also amazed with all the volunteers who put their time and effort just to be able to conduct this community service for the kids. And I believe in response to the mission of J12Doulos,  this organization would really enhance and empower the children to become the leader of the next generation in the society, and that is the positive impact it can have on the lives we touch.



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