St. John Baptist De LaSalle

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St. John Baptist De LaSalle was born to a wealthy family but in spite of being well-off in life he was able to live in simplicity, an educator for the poor and has faith in God through God’s teachings. He was characterized as a risk taker, innovator, servant leader and a mentor.

As for him being a risk taker, he has the courage to support the poor children and people devotedly, in such way; even his family was against his dedication to serve others and had to give up his family home, he still continued to be an educator, a good teacher. He was able to build schools for the poor children not knowing the possibility of shortfall because he believed that this will be their way out of poverty.  With his passion to help others, he was able to create a new ways of teachings for the children, he innovates and create something better to reach out to everyone, he changed the way how children is to be treated even though he knew that others are against his new method he still continued his belief, and for him education is something important even for the less fortunate.

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LaSalle served not only the poor but even the teachers and others who needed support. He humbly offered shelter and food for the less fortunate. In his way of helping people who are in need, he showed others that he doesn’t need to be wealthy but instead he gave one thing who everybody has, his time, to reach out for the people. He influenced other teachers and created the brothers for Christians, he shared his knowledge and wisdom to do good and continue to serve people. St John Baptist De LaSalle was persistent looking for a good a teachers that would help him to achieve his mission and vision in life. He knows what he is fighting for, he stands for his beliefs and principles.

As Lasallian Business leader, he inspired and direct us to a path where we want to go, through the guidance and entrusting everything to God, by having faith that will help me to achieve all my missions in life. I always find purpose to live and in order to do things. I believe about the verse; Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Answering a question like, Is it beneficial to the majority? I realized that innovating something different as a business leader we must always consider the best for the majority. We never think only for the good of ourselves but everyone, especially the poor or less fortunate people.

In life we encounter different challenges but all we have to do is to face that challenges and take the risk because if that what we really wanted we should never be afraid rather continue and strive for it, I used to managed a business and handle people, unfortunately I had to close the business and ask my employees to find another job, that’s the time I realized that business is not just for me to earn profit but realizing I was able to create jobs for others without knowing that in simple way  I was able to help them, and for that they are thankful enough. I always wanted to be a teacher to share my knowledge in simple way, as business leader I want to manage people and inspire and influence them to do well.  As a Lasallian Business Leader, I would always serve other before me and be patient in handling all the situations with faith in God.  Like what St John Baptist De LaSalle said, I adore God, guiding me in all the events in my life.